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New Beginnings 2005-2006

On May 20, 2005, Rohit Kishore pushed his wife, Malia right over the edge. That is to say he proved that even though he was incredibly busy he was listening to her random musings about the underserved foster teens preparing to age out of foster care.

After years of working as a CASA, Malia realized that older foster teens face aging out of the foster care system faced incredible odds against succeeding in the world. She spoke with her three closest friends and college roommates, Lisa Balatbat, Amy Schuette and Ruth Wilsey about starting a foundation for their 40th birthday. They all agreed this was a great idea, and proceeded to think about it, just sitting there in the edge of a great idea, trying to decide on the next steps. And that’s where Rohit, ever the man of action came in. He threw Malia a surprise birthday party and as part of the invitation encouraged people to support the cause. Rohit and Malia then began the process of setting up the foundation and getting the non-profit status established.

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