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Helping the Wildlife in 2014!

Last year’s foster youth interns at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife made such an impression that USFWS opened the opportunity to foster youth again in 2014. This year FYTF provided eleven interns with a $10 budget for metro fare and a $10 budget for lunch. U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s move from Arlington, VA to Falls Church, VA meant finding new lunch partners for the interns. FYTF and the foster youth interns were grateful for the assistance of Vocelli’s Pizza, Cafe Gallery and Market and Pita Perfect.

FYTF was also able to assist a foster youth with her college tuition. The student had run out of financial aid options and was going to have to withdraw from school. FYTF along with several other groups were able to make up her tuition shortfall and allow her to remain in school.

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